GREATEST HITS 2010 - 2015


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GREATEST HITS 2010 - 2015

big thanks and love to everything and everyone that has been involved with reading a poem or playing an instrument with this band over the years.

Lonely Woman is an Ornette Coleman composition which inspired the accompanying words.

Jesus Was Way Cool was written by John S Hall, and originally played by King Missile, but the way we play it is different.


released November 25, 2015


IAN BE - poems, drums (track 3,11), ukulele (track 4,5,9), overtone singing (track 8), air vent & kitchen sink & bass guitar (track 12)

ANDREW BIGGIE - bass guitar (track 2,3,6,7,11), baritone ukuele (track 9), violin (track 8), drums (track 12)

ALEX GLENFIELD - trumpet (track 2, 6, 7, 10), singing (track 8), drone box (track 8)

SARAH DICHRISTINA - violin (track 2, 6, 7, 10), singing (track 8)

KEVIN HAMMOND - electric guitar (track 3)

KEVIN URSO - piano (track 1)

track 2, 6, 7, 10 recorded by Joe Orlando @ Mammoth Recording Studio (2014)

track 4, 5, 8, 9 recorded by Ian Be @ Vernon Triangle (2015)

track 11, 12 recorded by Ian Be @ 295 Auburn (2013)

track 3 recorded by Alek Wochensky @ Equality, Knowledge & Light (2015)

track 1 recorded by Brandon Schlia @ Steak & Cake (2015)



all rights reserved



BOURBON AND COFFEE is a freak jazz poetry band born in a Buffalo NY basement summer. wake up and join the fun. a lyrical flight through cloud mystery zones.


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Track Name: new orleans WILL eat you alive
"I like your nose, kid. it's fuckin' sexy."
NOLA is crust punk heaven hilarious
filled with idiots filled with booze
saint patrick’s day green three days early
two dollar beers at the bodega

heart ache fades into the brown bag
getting lifted and lighter
who knows what's inside?
everyone knows.

ride a bike with a saxophone
strapped to your back
clarinet music stand
one hand steering straight
handle bars hung high

mothers and daughters
little kids riding a bus
spitting onto the pavement

stop to count the collected humans
learn something new about god.

stop to watch your thought
know nothing new about self
nothing but
the same lust
the same trust in faith
spirit world
to ignore transient imagination
and listen

“how you been, man?”
standard greeting.
“what do you play?”
drum talk
"we get wasted and play trad jazz.”
put it on a press kit
“what is ratchet?”
ratchet is: a bus full of eight year olds
spitting boogers onto the pavement.

we’re celebrating
the shrimp and petroleum festival
say hello to the gulf of mexico
“smells like pizza.”

you could buy a car
everyone plays trombone.

hand in pocket
hustlin’ for gigs
“see that guy?”
old family
he plays guitar.

lucky strike
cross legged kundalini
seated on the street.

foot traffic
sequin sandal
boat shoe
green socks
puma nike nike
adidas bought skittles
little girl candy box
rainbow love chihuahua
dog walk

working life
white shirt
black jacket
black tie.

first break six
“we got some jazz there.”
next break seven
“this is jazz and blues,
pick one you like.”
pack up

mother daughter
what happens
“hold up, baby.
who is that?”

camera lens snipe shot
candid corner photographer
cellphone clutched
snap stalking wild human
harley davidson helmet
dangling no danger

mother daughter
checkin’ the scene
thumbing your pockets
real grand hot pants
toe gaze

fake moustache
real world
walking down frenchmen

my bucket
hole in it
whole in it

passion pen
well red
late night
lamp lurkers

start early
start often
everyone knows.

nashville cowboy hats
look like plastic bead
necklace new orleans

solo trombone
keepin the street alive
“he said eight o clock”

stumbling dog sweater
talkin’ shop
bubbling youth mumbling
you understand
everyone knows.

everybody selling something
pit bull babies
new souls wandering
look at these young dogs
“you want her? she’s for sale!”
she’s too young.
“buy this dog!”

soda pop truck
utility belt
everyone knows.

magnet glass mirrors
rearrange space
accepting vision

or at cost
do not tax us

old soldier
blue flag
pocket ragged
“you got a cigarette? you got some weed?
I got some hash. I got some coke.”
baking soda and oragel
two boxes of tomatoes
mothers and daughters

eight thirty in the morning
eighty next week
“why do you like playing in the street?”
the people.
Track Name: Durgan Lives!
wishing good dreams on the dreamers who will have no more
and no need for material means
but true joy peace
sparkling for eternity which needs no sparkle
but accepts the gesture as flattering imitation
and now accepts silence as a balance point for meaning shifting emphasis
and so change is infinitely unchanged viewed complete only as one
nothing disappears just as nothing appears
nothing was anything anyhow so it must be everything always
and so the dreamer is free from rigid imaginings like
time measurements
physical barriers
bodily conduct
geographic location
because the dreamer has awakened bliss
saying “let the dream be dreamed by other dreamers for now”
love is no mystery
you are not you
loving her but we are yourself loving everything
as remembrance of unity
spiraling truth blooming unnumbered manifestations as evidence for scientific evaluation glory in all aspects singing vibrant blues within deep rainbow music
and man cannot live on bread alone
so he is nourished by his dedication
sustained by the better angels of his nature
and how the waves soak the beach sand
the man is completed
but still imperfect and striving anyway
connecting dots dabbling a loose rendition of cosmic knowledge
exploring the outerverse
verse chorus verse verse
then the bird takes flight
sing on, charlie
humming vibrations into a dense fog
no longer limited by perceptions which may cloud human organs
but now free
pure energy
light rays riding across infinity indefinitely because definition is exactly the opposite of infinity
because infinity is all knowing, all seeing, all tasting touching feeling smelling wishing hoping laughing crying
coughing in the morning
staring into the moon
crackin’ wise with the boys and rolling cigarettes till dawn
and everyone else, too
the women, children, dogs, cats, elephants, fruit flies
it’s all going
it’s all happening
way out and forever so tune in and say hello
this is your friendly radioman welcoming you to continuous broadcast
wishing you a wonderful eternity
with fair weather and an open heart
Track Name: Take Money 2 Make Money
a shrug of the shoulders
a flick of the wrist
a gun in a holster
a barrel of fish
cash rules everything
being poor is a bitch
trickle down economics is a fancy way to say
you can eat my shit

you can struggle to catch the carrot tied to the stick
but the lord owns the land
you're just paying him for it

you can save your wage
but the bank owns the money
they tell you what it's worth
they're playing us all for dummies

mortgage back securities were only a hint
banks don't serve customers they collude and get rich
they get caught and walk with a slap on the wrists

selling drugs is a crime with a minimum mandatory
laundering cash for drug dealers is a business decision
self explanatory

HSBC handled money for terrorists
the US department of justice found them guilty of this
Lanny Bruer explained how the size of the fish
is a direct inverse to the size of the punishment

two billion dollars from a bank is kind of a joke
it's like going to Buffalo and taking home two buckets of snow

two billion dollars sounds like a lot
to the man on the street

two billion dollars is what HSBC earns in five weeks
(that's profit, not revenue)

this is not a theory
it's not even a secret
financiers world-wide have a reputation for thieving
take money to make money
it's a no-brainer like breathing

purchasing political power while the government's still greedy
god forbid good ethics get elected this season
the dollar bill is the god we trust and believe in

when money is power
power doesn't need reason
fiat currency means
it's created when needed
but those who need it most
are the least likely to see it

people are hungry and bleeding
and the solutions are easy
you give them
medical treatment
you look them in the eye
like a fellow human being
instead of a worthless
hypothetical burden
on an economic fantasy
so deranged and perverted
we actually budget for institutional murder

I'm not saying that I'm perfect
but I'm actively working to become a better person
if you agree with me then we can join forces
spread a message of truth with the power of two voices
and if you've got friends
you can get together with them
and the louder your love gets
the stronger you transmit
until your heart grows to eclipse
the size of your clenched fist

you can put that on a flag
and wave it.
Track Name: She is Beautiful

when she walked in
I did not see her

when I turned to my right
she appeared

the first thing I noticed
was her left cheek

and in that small glimpse
I saw her in psychic fantasy

vibrant waves flowing toward me
and I knew


when I looked again
she was dancing

I stared at her

the second thing I noticed
were her eyes

wearing the wealth of years
and I thought

she is not as young
as I had first imagined

when I looked again
she was staring at me

the third thing I noticed
was her mind

spilling insecurity
across the conversation

and I thought
how sad it is

to listen to her doubts
wounding her natural grace

so I told her
that I knew


the next thing I noticed
was my body

rising flush
with blood warm skin

and I felt desire
tempered by prudence

blended with anxiety

she asked for my name
that I gave to her

she asked for a glass of wine
that I also gave to her

she asked for my name again
but I had no more to give

when she said goodnight
I kissed her left cheek

she seemed confused
and I wonder

what story
she will tell

to herself
to others

but I hope
she will know


Sarasota FL
Track Name: Painted Desert / Petrified Forest
painted desert / petrified forest

driving desperate beauty
relentless sun
fierce wind slicing through
bright warmth
behold the immense weight of emptiness
desolate but not lifeless
desert life
determines appropriate scale

urban american psychology
un developed
under utilized
expecting a wealth of
something everything
heaped into dense collections
of sight and substance
as the city piles onto itself
as the suburban strips unfurl
rolling swiftly toward
un sustainable

the desert resolves itself
with implicit logic
subtle as a purple succulent
sprouting between pebbles
two ravens
observing a tourist with
intelligent interest

abundance balanced against
the sparse resources
of an environment
which fluctuates
extreme temperature
and moisture
on a daily basis

the desert is not greedy
it knows when enough
is enough when enough
is too much

when the human settlements run dry
drained of their adolescent optimism
the desert will accept a blessing
of towering shade

crude artifacts
of a long suffering society
vestigal organs
placed into historical context
alongside a fading generation
which slowly legalized
man's worst behaviours.

ls f rgo
idfirst bank

fallen letters
disappearing into a wash
of punishing light.
Track Name: Jesus Was Way Cool
Jesus Was Way Cool
by John S Hall (King Missile)

Jesus was way cool
Everybody liked Jesus
Everybody wanted to hang out with him
Anything he wanted to do, he did
He turned water into wine
And if he wanted to
He could have turned wheat into marijuana
Or sugar into cocaine
Or vitamin pills into amphetamines

He walked on the water
And swam on the land
He would tell these stories
And people would listen
He was really cool

If you were blind or lame
You just went to Jesus
And he would put his hands on you
And you would be healed
That's so cool

He could've played guitar better than Hendrix
He could've told the future
He could've baked the most delicious cake in the world
He could've scored more goals than Wayne Gretzky
He could've danced better than Barishnikov
Jesus could have been funnier than any comedian you can think of
Jesus was way cool

He told people to eat his body and drink his blood
That's so cool
Jesus was so cool
But then some people got jealous of how cool he was
So they killed him
But then he rose from the dead
He rose from the dead, danced around
Then went up to heaven
I mean, that's so cool
Jesus was way cool

No wonder there are so many Christians
Track Name: Lonely Woman
lonely woman
cries into a dark wind
sounding across the evening air
as lamenting church bells
marking time
for those who care to listen

her voice is trembled by speed and distance
and it remains powerful
growing more significant by every measure of softness

because dirty habits die hard
lingering vice compliments a sincere longing
filling an empty condition
with conventional poison consumption
every exception
inching closer toward a suitable level of noise

background radiation
providing a sense of communion to the yawning vessel
which eventually tips from imbalance
overfill splashing into ground again
until rising vapor catches her pulse

lonely woman
projecting her heart through it all
shaking gently until feeling returns

most men will confront a vacant chalice
with desire

imagining substance
to the be the ultimate answer

lonely woman
cries because she knows
what evils lurk in the hearts of men
she forgives them
offering love

extending into infinity

knowing the moment is now
always was
ever will be

outside time
there is no waiting
Track Name: Blind Cat Dreams
what does a blind cat dream?

your waking world
burst into blackness
high pressure heart
shattering the scenery
your kingdom reduced
to a few small rooms
bumping into walls
to find your way
and never again
will you see the
face of any friend
but you can hear
the birds outside
laughing at you
because your teeth
are piercing only
frozen meat
and your claws
are ragged
night is no different
than day but quieter
and the rain spills
a deafening blur
against the metal rooftop
blinking out of habit
feeling the moisture
and the motion
until dreams come
more vivid than memory

oak trees
towering overhead
begonias wavering
huge and gentle
and a grey squirrel
delightfully ignorant
easily taken
grey fur opening
grey fur
pink tongue tasting
pink flesh
red paws printing
a path back to
green shade
a nap
in a fantasy

back to blank

19 JAN 2015
Parrish FL
Track Name: Dolorous Orc (instrumental)
adjective \ˈdō-lə-rəs also ˈdä-\
causing, marked by, or expressing misery or grief.
Track Name: Forgive a Stranger
forgive a stranger his strangeness
in an unfeeling world
that cares NOT for stories and people
but stranger still stand their judgments
forgiven as the tide forgives
foreshortened or prolonged
protested or accepted as undeniable fate
swarming around a bit of indulgence
here chosen as desired
or undesirable
or interesting
welcome all the same
and beaten
and changed
and chained to events
as sane as anyone could claim to be
wondering all the time
or firmly decided
that truly
and surely
and honestly
right is right
and we know
and we believe
how could we go on otherwise?
in another direction
that truly
and surely
and honestly is right
and right is right
and we know
and how could you forget?
the great lessons of history
keep occurring
as the tide forgives